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Book The Room
Audition Coaching & Self-Tapes with Michelle C. Bonilla

There are so many factors that play into whether or not you get a job – all of which are out of your control. There is only one thing you DO have control over and that is your ability to Book the Room.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

I have implemented the following safety measures to keep you safe and healthy.

* TEXTING UPON ARRIVAL - The studio will be waiting and ready for your arrival at your appointment time. Please, text when you arrive to the studio. 

If I am finishing up with a client, there is an outdoor seating area to wait at until your appointment time. 

* RESTROOMS & CHANGING AREA - I have supplied paper towels and use disinfecting practices in between clients.

* MASKS AND PHYSICAL DISTANCING - Please, wear your mask both before and after your audition. I will do the same. I adore all my clients - However, there will be 6 feet, at a minimum, distance between us and the camera. Air hugs are fabulous! 

NO PROPS - You can definitely bring your own! 

CONTACTLESS PAYMENT - Payment can be made via venmo or PayPal. Info given at booking. 

*  SYMPTOMS - If you are feeling symptoms, no matter how mild, or if you have been exposed to anyone who may or has had symptoms, please call to cancel your appointment. There will be no charge. 

These guidelines are fluid and can change as the evolution of new ways to work in our industry evolve.

Thank you so much for your continued support and understanding.

How I Work

You will learn the tools to bring the most authentic, emotionally truthful, YOU to the scene. When you do that, Casting Directors, Producers and Directors will remember you and call you back. THAT is how you BOOK THE ROOM.

Remember, this is your career. LONGEVITY is the goal!

Coaching with me before an audition will help you get the words out and off the page, learn to use any nervousness to your advantage, work with you to make strong choices, build your confidence, and make you feel great about the work!.

I am one of you – An Actor. I know EXACTLY what you are going through when you get an audition or an appointment that requires you to be put on tape.


I’m here for you, too. This has been an area where many actors find frustration with the process of putting themselves on tape. Well, you are in the right place. I have helped many of my clients BOOK right from their tapes, or get the callback, that led to their bookings.

I truly pride myself on providing a comfortable atmosphere where you can focus on the work! 

I have all the professional lighting, camera, and sound equipment to give you the self-tape that will make you look great! And, being a person of color, I know how important it is that our skin tone is captured, perfectly, to represent how gorgeous we truly are. I specialize in self-tapes that capture all skin-tones.

ZOOM Sessions

Should you need zoom coaching, please reach out directly. I have had much experience coaching on zoom and have even coached my clients on "how" to set up their own self-tape areas at home. 


If you are in need of learning about setting up your own 'at home' studio, need pointers, what equipment to buy, etc., reach out to me! 


Also, if you need me to both help you with the set up, need a reader, a coach, and someone to edit your audition together - I can do that too!  

I can literally help you through the whole thing. Don't sweat it. We can do it, together. 

I'm here to help - set up your appointment today! 

About Michelle

As a working actor for over 29 years, with more than 160 television and film credits and COUNTLESS hours of auditions, my goal is to share my experience, skills, and knowledge that will help you manifest the career you desire.

I have studied with all the great teachers in Los Angeles with backgrounds in Improv (The Groundlings), Adler, Stanislavsky, and have spent over the last 27 years continuously studying Meisner. Being truthful, comfortable, and confident bringing YOU to the scene is what brings me the greatest joy.



Michelle worked through a seemingly simple script with me, allowing me to find nuance, supporting my choices and at the same time guiding me to stronger choices that ultimately gave me the confidence I needed for my audition. I got the callback and eventually booked the role and got the opportunity to work on a film with some amazing people. Thank you so much, Michelle! Couldnʼt have done it without you!!


-Juan Monsalvez

Maria Howell.jpg

“I am so sincere when I say, “Michelle C. Bonilla” is one of THE best actor-friendly and actor-supporting coaches I’ve EVER worked with! Amazing results! I actually had casting directors reach out to my reps and say how great my auditions were. It blew my mind because that never happens! I highly recommend Michelle, without hesitation!”

– Maria Howell

(Criminal Minds, Hidden Figures, Saints & Sinners, Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

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